giovedì 28 luglio 2011

SasuSaku kiss

Sasuke & Sakura kissing. Sasuke's hairs are really emo in this image!

martedì 26 luglio 2011

Naruto and Sasuke wallpaper

Naruto & Sasuke broken mirror wallpaper, really a nice subject!

domenica 24 luglio 2011

Young shirtless Jiraiya holding a sword

 Young shirtless Jiraiya (one of the 3 legendary ninjas) holding a sword.
Really like how the muscles has been drawn


sabato 23 luglio 2011

Naruto x Hinata kiss so cute!

NaruHina kiss, really a cute image

sabato 16 luglio 2011

Sasuke vs Sakura - fight to the last drop of blood ?

Nice pic. I love the blood on the faces and the shocked look on Sasuke's. Sakura looks tough in this.. let's the fight start! (

mercoledì 6 luglio 2011

Sexy Naruto after a good swim

Sexy shirtless Nartuo after a good swim(

domenica 3 luglio 2011

Emo shirtless Kiba cosplay self pic

 Emo shirtless Kiba  cosplay self pic

This cosplayer is a bit funny isn't he ? there's something in his "emo look" that makes me smile. Maybe the bathroom setting ? :)


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