martedì 29 marzo 2011


Deidara - a bit emo-looking

domenica 27 marzo 2011

Shippuden - Shikamaru daydreaming

Shikamaru daydreaming

giovedì 24 marzo 2011

Sexy Gaara

Shirtless Gaara - Sexy-yaoi-Gaara-no-jutsu !

For all ladies out there (and boys that  like yaoi), a really simple and sexy Gaara by ImGaarasNinja on DeviantArt

domenica 20 marzo 2011

The faces of Naruto

The faces of Naruto

venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Sasuke, Chidori nagashi

Sasuke, chidori nagashi

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Modern casual looking Sasuke

Casual looking Sasuke

sabato 12 marzo 2011

Shirtless Naruto kiss Hinata

Naruto x Hinata kiss

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Nice Shikamaru pic

Nice Shikamaru pic

lunedì 7 marzo 2011

Shippuden - Naruto and Sakura kissing

Naruto and Sakura kiss

domenica 6 marzo 2011

NaruSasu yaoi cosplay

Lol, this cosplay is so funny. Naruto/Sasuke yaoi with killer Sakura !

giovedì 3 marzo 2011

Naruto Shippuden boxed sets (Ad)

Time for a little more ads : ) remember that if you buy these products you'll support our blog. We hope that the selected  products are to your taste 

Today we choose from Amazon all Naruto Shippuden Boxed sets on DVD.

Naruto Shippuden
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Naruto Shippuden
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Naruto Shippuden
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Naruto Shippuden
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Naruto Shippuden
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Or you can check the Naruto Store page on the blog!

mercoledì 2 marzo 2011

Shippuden - Naruto, Hinata and the baby :)

Family scene, adult shirtless Naruto holding Hinata


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